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Rehearse on the go

Video chat for Actors and Performers.

WeRehearse helps you find a rehearsal partner on-demand, by alerting thousands of professional actors, readers and coaches whenever you want to read.

Connect instantly in the app through video chat, share your script sides, and rehearse!

Run lines, get advice or help other actors and actresses with their auditions. WeRehearse connects you with actors and coaches right when you need them.


  • Request a rehearsal partner.
  • Select your favorite from those that respond.
  • Enter the video chat room.
  • Rehearse your scene with a real person.
  • Maximize your chance of booking the job by being prepared.


Use the RehearseNow feature to request help with your lines or get advice.
Available actors will respond. Choose your favorite and enter the rehearsal right on the app.
You’ll connect on video chat, and you can upload your script for both to see.
Switch between script view and full screen video.


Rate your readers based on how helpful your experience was.


Reward your reader in the same way you might buy coffee, rent a rehearsal room, or pay a cab fare.


Share script sides safely for the duration of the rehearsal and remove them when finished.

WeRehearse allows you to use time efficiently before an audition, by finding someone skilled instantly to read opposite. You can also get advice about the performing industry from experienced professionals - actors, directors, casting directors, filmmakers, celebrities.

WeRehearse is a revolutionary new app used by professional actors worldwide. Improve your talent. Anywhere. Anytime.

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