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Victoria Ashford

Do you have an important audition coming up? Need that all important confidence boost with some great performance tips from a trained, award winning actor? Then let me help.

Need help with your self tape technique? I do that too. Having years of valuable experience in getting the right, look feel and emotion, and more importantly landing those roles, I most certainly can offer you a gentle nudge in the right direction.

I'm also well versed in the realms of improv. So if you'd like someone to brush up on your improv skills with, then just give me a shout.




Instant Rehearsal

Instant Rehearsal

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Reader Reviews

" Victoria is a gem and joy to work with. If I could, I'd rehearse/ tape with with her every time. Her notes are actionable and by the 4th read I felt like I'd really gotten to the heart of the monologue. She's great! "
" Fabulous! Really helped pull the emotion out of the scene and took the time to ensure we hit the spot! "
" So nice and helpful and encouraging. Had great ideas! "
" Victoria was an uber helpful and excellent reader and coach! She went above and beyond to help me with my audition. The notes she gave me were very insightful and helpful for the role that I am auditioning for. I can tell that she is also a very genuine and nurturing human being which gives her technique and style easy to work with. She is also very experienced in the industry in Europe, London, NY and LA and gave me helpful tips about the differences in each of the area industry wise. Amazing!!! I would highly recommend her and would definitely love to read with her again! :) "
" she is both lovely and amazing! supportive as fuck!!! "
" Amazing helpful. The best. "
" Fantastic reader, very kind and gives great feedback "
" Gives very helpful advice. She goes above and beyond to make sure you have all the information you need that she can give you. "
" Great actress, very helpful and nice! "
" Wonderful reader! Very helpful :) "
" Great reader! Helpful, fun and very sweet! "
" Wonderful reader...very helpful "
" Wonderful reader! Victoria was very friendly and easy to work with, and gave great notes on my scene. Can't wait to read with her again! "

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