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Joshua Dominic

SAG-AFTRA Union Member. On hiatus while working on a couple scripts and taking a modest break. Bachelor's Degree in theater (acting option). Worked on various mainstream films and shows (Gangster Squad, Parks and Rec, How I Met Your Mother, and more) as well as independent projects (Transplant Productions, Ezrid Films, RockSquad Pictures).

Classically trained for stage with an emphasis on Shakespeare, but interested in acting for the film medium. I consistently follow film and staging analysis on just about any type of media - trying the find the value in anything I watch.

I welcome any level of partner, whether you are a similarly working professional, or just taking your first tentative steps.
I value any moment a script or actor can surprise you in an effective, honest way.
I'm here to explore the world of feedback and spot directing. Let's dive in!


Instant Rehearsal

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