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Jeanette Percival

Jeanette is a Yorkshire based actor who has been acting professionally for 15 years, and she has found herself in some pretty tidy roles such as Hermia and Titania 'Midsummer Night's Dream', Winnie and Frost 'The selfish Giant' and Picasso 'Dorian Gray'.
Jeanette hopes that one day Jasper Fforde will adapt the Thursday Next novels for film and he will obviously insist on casting her in the title role!
...Dream big people!


Instant Rehearsal

Credits Include

When I Say I Love You (written by Peter Bowker)
Slunglow Short Julie
user added
Someday Soon
Tripwire Produ Mary
user added
Kids Having kids
Pintsize Theat Lisa/Mum
user added
What on Earth?!
Konflux Theatr Alien Deputy/Dr Fox
user added
Forum Teatre I Sherazade
user added
Portrait of Dorian Gray
Forum Teatre I Picasso
user added
The Odd Couple
A Merry Can Th Gwendolyn Pigeon
user added
The Selfish Giant
Manhattan Chil Winnie/Frost
user added
A Midsummers Night's Dream
New Chapter Th Hermia/Titania
user added
Career Guidance
Northern Spiri Counsellor
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2.8 Days Sam
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