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I keep getting emails saying an actor is searching for a reader, but when I sign on I see nothing! What’s happening??

-This is a WeRehearse NOW notification. It was notifying you that someone was in need of a reader immediately. WeRehearse NOW gives actors the ability to send out an alert to the actors and coaches in the WeRehearse community. First people to log in and reply get the job! The alert is valid for a few minutes. It may have been that by the time you logged in, it had already been taken. The image below shows what your screen would look like if the booking was still active when you signed on.

i'lldoit diagram

Why can’t I rehearse??

-The video technology we use with WeRehearse is best compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox. You can download google chrome here.

I’m confused. Do we connect through Skype?

No need for confusion! WeRehearse has it’s own video chat platform so you do everything through our site. Just hit Enter Rehearsal in your rehearsals tab, ‘allow camera’ and then you’re ready to go. This way you don’t need to exchange any personal information with anyone on our site and it makes the tipping/payment process very simple.

I keep getting a pop up telling me my paypal isn’t verified. What does this mean?

-Good news! You can still give and receive payments and tips with an unverified account. However, to charge in advance for rehearsals you will have to verifiy a paypal account. Find out more here: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/security/verification-faq

Why am I not showing in search?

-You must have a complete profile to show up in search. A complete profile requires a picture, some information ‘about you’ and a paypal account.

I keep missing bookings. What am I doing wrong?

-Notifications are automatically turned to ON when you sign up. If you turn these off you won’t get any notifications when someone tries to book you or confirms a request you have made. We recommend leaving your notifications on and making sure your phone number is updated in the system to receive txt notifications.

Are my rehearsals recorded?

-WeRehearse does not record any rehearsals on our site.

I have been bullied or abused on your site, how do I report this?

-We want to make sure our users are safe and happy. If you have any concerns or issues about this please contact legal@werehearse.com with the complaint and user profile link/ID

Camera Setup

Can you see yourself?

If you haven’t been into a rehearsal yet we have a camera and microphone setup screen to help you out. The first thing to do is check that you have a camera and that it works. You then need to give access to the camera in your browser status bar.