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Francine Wolf

upto 15 mins : $ 7.00
upto 30 mins : $ 12.00
upto 60 mins : $ 22.00

Francine Wolf is known for her work on Nuclear Prom 3000 (2016), The Four Fur Coats (2012) and The Suicide (1996). A former teacher, I've studied acting and improv (have started a few improv groups) for over twenty-five years, as well as performed for all those years, with many stage, commercial, voice over, industrial and film credits. I've studied acting , Meisner and improv with seasoned well-known actors from LA and NY. My production company, ZaZu Productions, has a touring musical duo in the Tampa Bay area. Opening in a play for dinner theatre in January 2018.

I enjoy reading with and directing actors.




Instant Rehearsal

Reader Reviews

" fine reader! "
" Fantastic "
" Lovely, and helpful! "
" This is my first time using this program during the trail period. IMs were not returned, even though it indicated Francine was logged in as my reader. "
" Miracle worker! "
" Francine handled me doing this audition in another language very well! And I was so happy to find someone so early! "
" So generous with her time and advice! Thank you! "
" Very friendly! "

Credits Include

2017 [IMDB]
Search for Truth: The Mystery of Hollow Falls
2017 [added]
Florida Go Getters
Fox Sports Com Boxing Senior
2016 [IMDB]
Nuclear Prom 3000
2016 [added]
Frontier Communications
National Comme Grandmother
2016 [added]
Peltz Shoes Commercial
2013 [added]
Hot Nights for the War Wives of Ithaca
Theatre Eurykleia
2012 [IMDB]
The Four Fur Coats
2009 [added]
Theatre Colonice
2002 [added]
Sanderson County
Film Aunt Janis
2001-curr [added]
Home Shopping Network
Live TV Model/Demonstions
2000 [added]
Busch Gardens Improv - Witch
1996 [IMDB]
The Suicide
1994 [added]
Johnny Extreme-ESPN, MTV
National Comme Johnny's Mother
1993-Curr [added]
Improviser/Improv Coach
Theatre Producer/Coach/Player
4 credits verified by IMDB